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23rd June 2016

relic006A small detail of textile work titled”Relic” in progress. This has been made addressing the theme of Resurrection for this years Mandorla Art Award, to go on exhibition july 16-24th Linton and Kay Galleries Perth,Western Australia.Made entirely of used tea bags [contributed by friends across York] then dyed with rust and rose hip tea,sewn together and embellished with small prints taken from vintage silverware.Happily it has been selected as a finalist for the exhibition.

This is only my second go at a juried exhibition, as I don’t particularly go in for competitions, preferring ┬ácollaborative group shows. After visiting the Hutchinson works on paper exhibition at Salamanca, Hobart, Tasmania last year and being really impressed by the quality of ideas and work, I decided to push myself a bit and try for some of these bigger exhibitions on the Australian artistic circuit.


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11th June 1016

P1020909Art in the strangest of places? This delightful creation was snapped in the Town Hall as part of York’s annual ag show. The creativity that went into the plain biscuit decoration category was something to behold, The werewolf ones next door were also amusing and memorable, I dread ever being asked to judge these events! I also look out for the vegetable sculpture section and marvel at the creations there, often much more fun than anything found in a contemporary gallery where the same themes often seem to leave one feeling rather flat….