helen amyes

from the studio

23rd January 2017

Poochibald 2015How do you decide where to exhibit your work? I was totally “at sea” with this for a while after coming out from art school,learning plenty about Post Modernism but not a lot about everyday practice as an artist.Here in the West most artists seem to go in for the nearest open competition showing in a town hall or worse shopping mall, and I have done my share of that. What I did after a while, with a wish list to show work in USA,Paris,Japan etc was borrow a method from my days of investing in the share market “reverse engineering” I think it was called. You would look to see what shares the top investors where buying i.e. Warren Buffet and follow suit if you could. In applying this to Art I sift through the CV of the artists I admire and like and go through back through to see where they have been showing and with which curators etc Then if it’s a regular biennial show for example get on the mailing list to submit work. Initially I did a lot of collage work as I found the global network for collage artists more accessible than painting, but this method has served me well.Once you get to know some active curators often they will send opportunities your way, and take your artwork to places you never dreamed of. Set backs and dead ends happen a fair bit in art, but persistence certainly pays, its good to have a few “irons in the fire”.